The Recruiting Methodology

Our staffing team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our staff consists of people with extensive recruiting experience along with expertise in accessing the technical skills. Our unique blend of experience creates an excellent environment for sound recruiting practices along with first-hand knowledge of technical and business requirements.

The following is a high level view of our methodology:

1. Review Job Requirement

One of our recruiters reviews the job requirements with our client. The aim is to gain a thorough understanding of the job description, the work environment, and company benefits. The more we know about the job and your company, the easier it is for us to attract qualified candidates and "sell" them on working for your company.

2. Talent Hunt

Once we gain a clear understanding of the Job Requirements, our Account Manager with his team of recruiters begins to search for qualified candidates. We have our own database of candidates that we review first. After that we go through multiple job portals to search other good candidates, and if required use head-hunting with targeted businesses/companies to find the right candidates. Our recruiters go through an intensive process of reviewing over 50 candidate profiles per job order to finally come up with the top 2 or 3 best qualified candidates as per client requirement. We feel that in order to find the best possible match it is required to go through hundreds of profiles & only then can a staffing company shortlist the best ones.

We have successfully placed candidates via referrals, internal database, networking, passive candidate searching via social media networks, job board searching, job posting and more. For each job order we make sure all the above methods to recruit are made use of and we never compromise on the same. Our turnaround time to find a potential match is anywhere from an hour to a couple of business days.

3. Profile Discussion and Technical Screening

Once we identify and shortlist qualified candidates, we begin the interview process. We interview candidates not only for technical qualifications, but also for soft skills, such as work ethics, personality, communication skills, cultural fit with the company, and information that would be relevant to matching a candidate to a job and the company.

During the interview process, if we determine that the technical portion of the interview requires a more detailed technical screening, we take the assistance of internal engineers and consultants.

During the interview process, if we feel that a person is a strong candidate for the job position, we expand the interview to include selling points in working for a company. We focus on benefits, work environment, technical environment, and any other outstanding characteristics of your company.

4. Present Top Candidate to Client

Once we identify qualified candidates and we obtain candidates' permission to submit their resume and forward the resume to the client. Based on Client’s feedback on resumes, we take it to next step of scheduling interviews.

5.Schedule Client Interviews

For the most appropriate candidates, we will prepare a detailed résumé and evaluation summary to facilitate the interview process. On receiving feedback from the candidates and you on the meetings, we will work along with you to draw up a final shortlist.

For the shortlisted candidates, PeopleAlliance schedules a telephonic interview or an in-person interview with the client for the selected Candidates. We work with our clients to determine the interviewing process that is the most efficient and comfortable for them.

As part of the process, we get client’s feedback on the interviewed candidates, coordinate with candidates and schedule next rounds of interviews as needed.

6.Offer and Acceptance, Reference Checks

Once the interview is done we proactively follow up with the client & if the results are positive then work with the Client to present an offer, do intensive background checks as needed.

7.Ensure Successful Joining of Candidates

Connect with the selected candidates regularly during their notice period with their old companies, and ensure keeping the communication alive with the candidates. Complete the joining process with Client after the joining.