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Updated: 2 hours 28 min ago

Why Another Book on Consulting?*

Sat, 2017-03-18 02:44
Why should anyone write another book on consulting? More importantly, why would anyone want to read one? There are dozens of books written about consulting. Heck, I wrote one myself and it’s currently in its fourth edition after selling something like 100,000 copies over the last twenty years.

Flexible Work for All: Employer Benefits

Sat, 2017-03-18 02:44
Image via PixabayLast week, we looked at the myriad of benefits that flexible schedules provide to employees. This week we will delve into some of the benefits for employers.Today’s global marketplace operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.With all of the technological advancements within the last

Flexible Work for All: Employee Benefits

Sat, 2017-03-18 02:44
Image via PixabayIn recent years there has been a rise in demand for flexible work. Whether the definition of flexible fits around hours or location, there is no denying that there has been an overall increase in interest shown by both employees and employers. This week we will look at the benefits

Why You Need to Know how Peter Drucker Consulted*

Sat, 2017-03-18 02:44
No, this is not a self-help piece on how to manage consulting services for your organization effectively or anything like that. I’m not going to encourage you to follow the methods of just any consultant either, but a consultant in the manner of Peter Drucker, the Father of Modern Management and